The Lonehill Art Gallery has in recent years become well known for its very reasonably priced art and its’ impressive selection of art works. It is synonymous with the Lonehill Center due to its location at the main entrance opposite the Mugg and Bean. The gallery is ideally placed to offer casual visitors a selection of art displayed around the outside of the gallery – a jovial place to wander through and browse the varied selection of art on offer while you order coffee next door.

The pleasant ambiance and relaxed vibe outside the gallery is a welcome sight for many local Lonehill residents. The gallery is generally stocked with a diverse collection of art from landscapes to photographic prints, sculpture, still life, wildlife art and abstract art from both emerging talents and established artists.

The gallery is managed by Hanlie O’Connell, who handled the framing for the gallery since its inception a few years ago, but bought the gallery from the previous owners to streamline the business. Having the framing business and gallery amalgamated seems like a logical progression and makes the art more affordable to the general public. You can be assured of the utmost service and attention to detail when buying art or having art framed at the Lonehill Gallery. For inquiries on art or framing, please contact Hanlie O’Connell on 082 415 2847 or email hanlie.oco@gmail.com.

Unfortunately we do not re-sell art nor purchase art from the public.

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